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Real-Time Surveillance

Today’s modern Law Enforcement requires equipment that can be quickly deployed and re-deployed in different locations, without the need for expensive fixed infrastructure. They also need equipment to be left in place for several days and cameras to be controlled remotely from an observation post. The aidVision LIVE LINK system offers just that. Our cameras can be controlled remotely and images accessed by multiple users. The aidVision LIVE LINK is a small, low power unit allows you to consistently view the highest quality real-time video, regardless of bandwidth available, with unparalleled performance and reliability. Cameras can be controlled remotely using PC, laptop, even Windows Mobile Compatible PDAs and Apple iPhones. The aidVision LIVE LINK system is capable of multiple viewers at any given time. The aidVision LIVE LINK system provides a totally flexible, fully configurable solution that numerous Law Enforcement agencies rely on for their real-time video requirements.


LIVE LINK - Technology

The aidVision LIVE LINK system has been optimized for the delivery of low latency media over wireless networks including GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA and HSDPA, as well as satellite and tactical radio bearers. Offering fixed high frame rate video, multiple users distributed globally can observe a live event and in real-time pan, tilt and zoom the camera to alter the field of view. The aidVision LIVE LINK system also supports archiving at both the camera and at the viewing client location giving flexibility with the assurance that key events will not be missed even if the communications link is temporarily lost. Embedding GPS location and time into the media stream allows dynamic mapping of cameras by location and searching of archived material by geo-spatial location as well as date and time. For scenarios where bandwidth is especially limited the aidVision LIVE LINK system provides a facility to retrieve high resolution still images based on the received live video whereby the live video provides the means to select those frames that allow the identification of a subject. These high resolution images can in turn be archived as images with date and time stamps to support the generation of evidence.

Methods of Transmission

  • Cellular Networks
  • Wi-Fi / Mesh Networks
  • The Internet using ADSL
  • IP Radios
  • Satellite Networks via BGAN
Features & Benefits
  • True real time video over narrow bandwidths
  • Small, light, portable and flexible
  • Lowest latency available over low bandwidths
  • Low power requirement of less than 6 watts
  • Can be configured to meet your own specific needs
  • Use it in remote & difficult to reach locations
  • Cameras can be controlled by users remotely
  • Rapid set up & deployment
  • Multiple viewers in different locations
  • Archiving for evidential purposes available

In order to demonstrate the performance of the LIVE LINK codecs against a standards based H.264 codec we setup a test system as shown below:


The network was set to simulate an average available upload bandwidth of 64 kbps, the typical available on a 3G connection in the UK.

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